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Volunteer experience in ELIX03 - "This summer is ours", 2014

Dance of life one sunny morning in όμορφη Θεσσαλονίκη   After some time people usually remember smallest world, soft touch, pleasant sound. It can be good morning that somebody wished, thanks, hello, and kept silent goodbye somebody may haven’t said. It is an inquiring look, smell of morning coffee singing in the kitchen, small flesh of first Thessaloniki sun.   Altaught I miss ancient monuments, sea side, White tower, lo...

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Volunteer experience in ELIX01 - "This summer is ours", 2014

Blue Hot Air Balloons “If there is one thing, I wish from this moment we will try to spend every single minute with each other. Talk, play, do things, or whatsoever. Just be together. Time flies like an arrow, and two weeks will pass in the blink of an eye. It is too short to completely know each other, but still, it is long enough for us to create truly memorable moments, to remember our time. I am sure we will miss this so much, and ...

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Stella about the 12th Day of Voluntering at Thisio

On Sunday, 28th of September, ELIX took part of the 12th Day of Volunteering, which was celebrated on the Saint Paul street in Thisio. The morning started with a slightly colder breeze with made us search for the sweaters at the back of our closets, but as the day went along, the sun came out and unmannerly melted all the caramels we had put out on the table. We were happy to get an opportunity to inform the local citizens about our a...

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Dear work-campers from all around the world

We are very happy and touched you took the chance and volunteered with ELIX this summer in Greece!   We have gathered hundreds if not thousands of photos and read through all of your feedbacks. In the light of this, we decided to hold a little contest for the best work camp memory!   You are all invited to write a page or two about the best moment or memory from the work camp this summer. We will feature all your creative ...

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"Lessons of Solidarity", ELIX11 & 12 in Athens - 2014

PARTNERELIX is organizing two workcamps in 2014 under the framework of -Lessons of Solidarity- Project which aims to proactively support Greek Institutions in Attica, hosting and caring for children with social problems and mental and physical disabilities. The LESSONS OF SOLIDARITY Project is part of a three year initiative funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (www.SNF.org) in order to assist the increasing needs such Institutions...

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