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Since it was first established in 1987, ELIX has implemented a number of voluntary actions in various regions of Greece in order to protect the environment, to preserve cultural heritage, to promote non-formal education and to strengthen social cohesion, while it has sent thousands of volunteers from Greece to workcamps abroad.

At the same time, ELIX has designed and implemented a series of social programs, aiming at strengthening social inclusion, protecting the rights of socially vulnerable groups and serving their needs.

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Be the change you dream of - See the MOOC created for "Be the Change"!

ELIX participates in the Erasmus + program "Be the Change: conflict as a catalyst for transformation and empowerment" with nine more partners from all over Europe. In this context,...

Call for a long term European Solidarity Corps “Im4ALL - International Mobility for All” in Greece (July 2020)

Call for Applications: Long Term European Solidarity Corps “Im4ALL - International Mobility for All” in Athens, Greece

Call for a long term European Solidarity Corps “Im4ALL - International Mobility for All” in Greece

Call for Applications: Long Term European Solidarity Corps “Im4ALL - International Mobility for All” in Athens, Greece

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Free Basic Computer lessons by ELIX p^2 multispace

More specifically, the participants will have the chance to learn the basic navigation in the computers, navigation in the internet, creation and use of email, and use of online applications

Free Computer Programming lessons by ELIX p^2 multispace

More specifically, the participants will have the chance to learn more about computer programming and different coding languages.

ELIX's response in Lesvos with an educational programme for 3.000 children, refugees and migrants

Aiming to offer a quality non-formal education programme to children, refugees and migrants, ELIX was invited to respond to the new conditions that formed in Lesvos after the catastrophic fires in Moria.

Information Centre - More...

Volunteers experience in Greece

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Johanne, an ESC (EVS) volunteer in ELIX

Johanne, an ESC (EVS) volunteer in ELIX "...overall, it was a significant eye-opening and learning e...

ELIX successfully implemented the project “YOUth Exchanges for Diversity - #YEs4Diversity”

ELIX successfully implemented the project “YOUth Exchanges for Diversity - #YEs4Diversity” over 2018...

Alejandra at “Sustainable Paths in Amvrakia” (ELIX08)

Alejandra at “Sustainable Paths in Amvrakia” (ELIX08), "...I have always wanted to participate in a ...

The aftermovie of the ELIX peace education training “Peace Action Week - ReMaking Change Happen”

Mid-October 2019, ELIX successfully implemented a peace education training, focused on the rights of...

Andrea at “Sustainable Paths in Amvrakia” (ELIX08)

Andrea at “Sustainable Paths in Amvrakia” (ELIX08) "...this was the best opportunity to visit Greece...

For 2018

Education Hours

Be the Change_2 "Conflict Management" ERASMUS + was an educational program that ELIX gave me the opportunity to take part 13-19 / 11/2017.

I have known the organization for a long time from my friends and acquaintances, and although I have heard many positive words about the voluntary action plans, I have not had the opportunity to participate until recently. This training program was coordinated by SOLIDARITES JEUNESSES MCP and for a week together with 19 other participants from other countries we stayed at 1000m of the French Alps, in a farm, in a village called "Le Fai" (where we did not miss a meal), near the village of Venyes.


Part of the training program included scientific theories from the field of Communication, Pedagogy, Sociology, Psychology, and Economics where, with the perfect facilitation of the trainers, we practiced experiential and practical in many cases of conflict management. For example, teaching techniques included play-the-scenes techniques and theatre improvisation and theater of the oppressed. I am thinking of using techniques by applying them to seminars that I will co-organize with my colleagues to train teachers.

During the whole week, we had the opportunity to interact with each other who became a team. At the same time, the sense of sharing was developed. We discussed examples from our personal and professional disputes in order to feel the other side on the same issue that we were concerned about.

Personally, I was very pleased, among other aspects, for having practiced communication, active and passive listening and empathic skills that help me evolve both personally and professionally.

The place we stayed was very hospitable as it managed to bring together 20 people from different cultures, customs, ways of thinking and nationalities. The fireplace of the farm was boiling and was the trigger of many constructive discussions, plays and songs, from the sound of laughter to tears. In the surrounding area, we were guided by the volunteers and the inhabitants of the farm. Unique landscapes between snowy mountains and rocky corners combined with us all week. Tasty delicacies and hot tea took part in our company.

It was a truly unique experience. Not only because I was given the opportunity to travel to France in a beautiful natural environment and I was there to develop skills in conflict resolution but also was it an unlikely experience because this "journey" on your own is the way to co-operate with other people you just know. It shapes you like a man. There is no word I can only describe the moments I have spent. Gratitude, participation, joy, laughter, emotion, exchange, new, emotion, communication, are some of the images with which I returned to Athens.

I highly recommend the participation of any active citizen to take part in one of the various ELIX programs. Seeing himself discovering smells and images that he has not frowned or seen again. I traveled and got a little flavor, and I'll try it again. It's your turn now.

Because elsewhere, with others, you can take the opportunity to be the change!

Giorgos V.

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