Dear volunteers,

I would like to share with you my recent lovely experience from ELEPAP at the voluntary program of "Solidarity lessons" by ELIX. It was an amazing voluntary program which helped me improve my perception about life due to the daily fight of the children and their endless strength and courage.

Every day in ELEPAP is a lesson about life as you observe the little angels to enjoy life although they have daily therapies without complaining. You will adore the children in this Institution and you will get attached to them really soon. Your main competences will be at the daily care and the early intervention department. You will assist the teachers into the classes and you will help as well the teaching assistants with the children’s transportation to the therapists. Also, some of you will help our favorite Mamma Katia and Yianna at the kitchen. Both of them are adorable and welcome the volunteers and they will always be there for you whatever you may need. You will spend time playing with children or taking care of them and you can also help them eat their lunch but you always have to ask the teacher because not all of them can swallow easily.

This place made me feel like home and it is really important to work in a friendly place, where all the people cooperate for the best of the children. Our main goal is to improve children’s life and education. For this reason, you need to discuss with the teachers before you take your own initiatives about the education of the children. For instance, I would advise you to take the permission of each teach in order to give a toy or a book to the children because some of them ruin them or they get distracted during the education process. In addition, it would be beneficial to you if you discuss with the therapists of each child in order to learn some tips about them and what kind of games will help them to develop their moves.

I wish you have unforgettable moments in ELEPAP and meet new friends because apart from the hours that you will spend with the children you will spend a lot of hours with the rest volunteers at the house which is also another experience that will make you enjoy the challenge of cohabitation. In conclusion, you should never forget that you will live in one of the most alluring cities so you can go out and discover our famous monuments and museums and get amazed of our culture, nightlife and food.

Enjoy ELEPAP & Athens!!!

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