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The completion of the "Summer in the City" and "This Summer is ours" projects was celebrated last Friday, July 27, by the children, their parents, their teachers and volunteers who took part, with some really moving farewell events organized by ELIX.

Giving a promise to meet up again next summer, the children who participated in these two-weeks, free of charge programs, implemented by ELIX for seven years and in 5 venues (Elefsina, Aspropyrgos, Mandra, Magoula, Kordelio-Evosmos), played, sang and shared a warm hug with ELIX’s educators and the 192 volunteers who came from all over Greece and from abroad in order to offer their help.

In a search of alternative forms of learning and entertainment during the summer months, when schools are closed, more than 400 pupils aged 6 to 12 (as well as children and youth attending Special Schools) were given the opportunity to see the school site from a different perspective, instead of participating in traditional camping programs.

Τα ΕΛΠΕ στηρίζουν τις δράσεις της ΕΛΙΞ

By cultivating their team spirit and their communication skills, as well as contributing to their own personal development, the students had "holidays" in the familiar area of their school, getting to know other languages and cultures through their contact with our volunteers from abroad, in two periods, from 2 to 27 July.

The purpose of these activities was to cultivate their imagination and improve their co-operation, through the creation of common rules, as well as through recreational activities such as dance, music, fairy tale narration, object animation, theatre and group kinetic activities.

More specifically, the program "This Summer is Ours", in which children attending Special Schools are participating, had objectives such as:

  • the cultivation of children's skills and talents through personalized activities
  • the increase of interaction between children with different degrees and forms of disability in group actions
  • the improvement of children’s communication skills with each other as well as with ELIX’s volunteers and staff
  • the collaboration for visual arts, either with guidance or freely, in their own way
  • the creative coexistence with different people from different countries

And ultimately, as every year, children's communication skills have clearly improved through various psychosocial, musical, visual and other activities.

The implementation of these programs was once again supported by the Hellenic Petroleum Group, and we are very grateful to them for their contribution.

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