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ELIX conducts international voluntary programs, (short, medium and long-term WorkCamps) in Greece and abroad, aiming at protecting the environment, preserving cultural heritage and ensuring social cohesion.

A volunteer work program is a unique opportunity to make creative use of your free time, to work with people from all over the world and to experience values such as cooperation, communication, coexistence and solidarity.

By offering volunteer work, it does not just contribute to making the world better. He is in touch with local communities in different countries, knows new places and lifestyles and learns techniques of environmental protection and preservation of traditional buildings, in a multicultural context that respects diversity and human rights.

For a Municipality or Agency, the implementation of a voluntary work program, in addition to the immediate, tangible and measurable benefits it offers to local communities as a result of volunteer work, gives residents the opportunity to get in touch with young people from other countries, share their customs and habits with them and become acquainted with the institution of voluntary offering.

Voluntary work programs take place throughout the year, especially in the summer. Each program hosts 15-20 volunteers from around the world who work 5 days a week for 6 hours a day. Two specially trained team leaders are responsible for their coordination.

One of the prerequisites is the ability to communicate in English unless a different language is mentioned.

The programs are aimed at people of all ages.

More specifically, there are Teen Volunteer Work Programs (TEENs), for ages 18 and older, as well as Senior and Families (FAMILY) programs. Ages are listed in detail in each program description.


  • protection of the natural environment, work in protected areas, engraving, demarcation and signaling of trails, woodwork, tree planting, vegetation cleaning
  • preservation of cultural heritage, work in traditional buildings, rehabilitation of masonry, stone pavers and dry stone, custody and maintenance of archives and exhibits, work in cultural centers
  • social work, creative child employment, work in schools and playgrounds, support for people with disabilities, assistance in the integration of migrants and refugees.
  • promotion of culture, participation in festivals, local festivals, cultural events, research groups.

Every year ELIX organizes several voluntary action programmes (Workcamps) of short, medium and long duration in Greece

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Every year more than 150 volunteers are coming from all over the World and participating to ELIX Voluntary Workcamps since 1987.

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