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ELIX in cooperation with Finn Church Aid (FCA) and Church of Sweden, and funded by UNICEF, has started the implementation of an educational programme addressed to refugee children aged 3-17, who are staying in the regions of Attica and Central Macedonia.

In Attica the programme takes place at the Eleonas camp site and other urban buildings, which function as educational centers, while in Central Macedonia at the camp sites of Derveni (Alexyl) and Kavallari (Sinatex).


The same programme is being implemented by Apostoli at other locations of the country.

On one hand, the aim is to meet the daily educational needs of children aged 3-5 and 16-17, who are not yet educated within respective reception structures of the Ministry of Education, and, on the other hand, to support the daily school homework of children aged 6-15, who are already attending the mandatory school programme provided by the Greek state.

It is worth noting that all sessions will be provided by two teachers, one local and one refugee, who is from the children's community, while, at the same time, all children aged above 6 will additionally be taught their mother tongue as well as will participate in life skills sessions in order to enhance the opportunities of improving their life conditions. Children aged 3-5 will participate in quality early learning and play-based learning activities.

The programme's overall target is to provide quality education to more than 2,000 beneficiaries, refugee - children, and will last until July 2017.

For more information: / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / tel: +30 2103825506

Note: ELIX is accredited in the list of NGOs cooperating with the First Reception Service.

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