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ELIX participates in the project “Be the Change: conflict as a catalyst for transformation and empowerment”. The project is aiming at improving the skills and competences of European citizens to address their interpersonal conflicts, and work towards their transformation into learning, development and communication opportunities in order to facilitate relations and the development of an inclusive Europe.

This project seeks to improve the overall quality of training and learning in the field of conflict management by bringing together actors from the formal, non-formal artistic education and social economy sectors as well as learners. Together, they will develop learning pathways that combine different methods and approaches to better achieve the overall goal: the transformation of conflict into opportunities for development of the individuals and their relationships.

The main objective of this project "Be the Change" is to propose an innovative and transdisciplinary teaching of conflict transformation by developing an innovative and cross sectoral curriculum built on a partnership between current providers and learners.

The project will be coordinated by the organization Solidarités Jeunesses and other partner organizations will be Agareso, Concordia UK, Egyesek, ELIX, Inex sda, Link, Proyecto Kieu, Coventry University, E-graine d’images.

The main activities of the project can be broken down into a series of actions, workshops and intellectual productions as follows:

Training C1- Be the change: conflict management for peaceful dialogue.
This 5 day course aims to develop the skills of the participants in interpersonal conflict management by working on their knowledge and their perspectives through the use of drama and theater.

Training C2 - Transforming conflict through Participative Video and non formal education.
This 5 day training aims to develop the skills of the participant in interpersonal conflict management by working on their know-how and knowledge, and resolving their concerns through the use of Participatory Video Content Approach during conflict management courses based on Collective Intelligence and peer learning.

Training C3 - Be the Change: 5 days to create a European Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Conflict Transformation.
The Laboratory will host participants for 5 days, supported by 2 pedagogical engineers. The objective of this laboratory is to put learners back at the center of training of engineering to create workshops based on their needs and combining the 4 different approaches studied in previous workshops, so they in turn will become providers of knowledge.

The Intellectual output of the project will be a MOOC combining the 4 approaches and the sectors involved in the project and created by learners and trainers through a participative process. The expected outcome for this project lie mainly the development of a transdisciplinary conflict management training program, free and accessible to all thanks to an extensive dissemination work, and fostering the empowerment of learners and educators/ trainers.


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