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A new partnership of ELIX aspires to support even more the children, refugees and migrants, in Greece and more specifically in Attica.

After a lengthy evaluation process, ELIX was selected by the Refugee Trauma Initiative (RTI) as a partner and we will set up the first Baytna Hub in the open accommodation site in Eleonas offering a safe and creative space for preschoolers, aged 2.5 - 4.5 years old.

This collaboration will be added to the existing work provided by ELIX to refugee and migrant children in Greece since 2016.

The Director of ELIX, Judith Wunderlich-Antoniou, and the education coordinator of the organization, Irene Pathiaki, flew to Thessaloniki for the inaugural meeting of RTI’s partners, where the guidelines, content and methodology of the project were presented.refugee trauma initiative logo

The Refugee Trauma Initiative was set up in 2016 to respond to the refugee crisis that broke out in Europe by offering projects and activities that aimed at the psychosocial support for refugees and at healing traumas caused by what they had experienced in their countries before emigrating , as well as during their movement.

Baytna ("Our Home" in Arabic) Early Childhood Care is an innovative program aimed at preschool children, in which it provides safe and creative spaces (Hubs) that manage their traumatic experiences as well as support their personal development through games, learning and socializing.

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