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In 2017, ELIX is celebrating 30 years of action. All these years, ELIX has played an active role in the field of volunteering on national and international level. With credibility and responsibility, ELIX, is giving the chance to an always increasing number of young people to participate in voluntary projects abroad and while receiving foreign volunteers to offer their voluntary service in Greece.

This year, ELIX has the honor to host the 35th Annual General Assembly of the ALLIANCE of European Voluntary Service Organisations, that will be held in Athens from the 1st to the 3rd of November 2017.


ALLIANCE is the biggest network of voluntary organisations in Europe, and, through an wide network of partnerships, gives the opportunity to over 15.000 young people to participate in voluntary projects all around the world. The ALLIANCE network includes 95 organisations from 54 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

ELIX is a full member of the ALLIANCE since 1991 and, through the cooperation within the network, more than 150 people are able to participate in international projects and have a unique experience in a foreign country. At the same time, every year, more than 100 volunteers from all over the world participate in ELIX's programmes in Greece, supporting local communities and vulnerable social groups.

ELIX, through its membership in the ALLIANCE, gives the exclusive opportunity to young people to take part in voluntary projects in all continents.

Unique opportunities are available for people of all ages, such as short and long-term voluntary projects, European Voluntary Service (EVS) and other Erasmus+ programmes, such as Youth Exchanges and Training Courses.

The organisation of the General Assembly in November 2017 strengthens ELIX's close cooperation with the ALLIANCE of European Voluntary Service Organisations and contributes to the wider strategic objectives set by ELIX for the upcoming years.

As stated by ELIX's General Manager, Judith Wunderlich-Antoniou: “In ELIX we believe that, only through our membership and thanks to the close cooperation within the ALLIANCE network, we can provide quality international exchanges for individuals of all ages, who are able to have a unique life changing experience. Volunteering helps the involved individuals to develop vital skills that are essential in their professional and personal life”.

What else is going on these days?
Parallel to the above mentioned General Assembly, ELIX will host significant meetings of the executive committees of the following international networks:

- 27/10 to 1/11/2017: Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS), an official partner of UNESCO with 180 members, with the objective to coordinate all international voluntary service organisations worldwide. ELIX cooperates closely with this network, mainly through its active participation in awareness-raising campaigns about the rights of refugees and migrants.

- 31/10/2017: Global IVS Leaders Meeting, A meeting in which representatives of the executive committees of all international voluntary networks come together to plan and coordinate joint actions on a global level.

- 29/10 to 1/11/2017: Executive Committee and Management Committee meeting of the ALLIANCE of European Voluntary Service Organisations. ELIX is an elected member of the Management Committee since 2015.

- 31/10/2017: Open Forum on Freedom of Movement. This forum is an open space to share common principles, vision and practices between the agents of the International Voluntary Service movement and like-minded partners. It will take place after the IVS Position On Freedom Of Movement, as well as the Resolution On Key Issues Concerning European Youth, developed by the following networks: Youth of European Nationalities (YEN), Voices of Young Refugees in Europe [VYRE], Phiren Amenca and the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations. Topics such as migration, freedom of movement and good practices will be discussed, and future recommendations on freedom of movement will be proposed.

Further information about the current programmes and ELIX's activities can be found online on the website and by phone at 0030 210 3825506.


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