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From 21st to 26th of February 2017, ELIX will be hosting the Induction seminar in Athens as the first step within the Long Term Training Course (LTTC) of our network ALLIANCE of European Voluntary Service Organisations.

The Induction Seminar aims at providing young trainees with information and resources on how to design IVS projects as structured methodological and pedagogical tools.

The Induction Seminar is the first event of the ALLIANCE for 2017 that ELIX will be hosting, followed by two more big events. The Staff Evaluation Meeting and the General Assembly will take place in November and will be also hosted by ELIX in Greece.

ELIX is active member of the ALLIANCE since 1991.

More information about the LTTC:

The Long Term Training Course is a group of activities selected for its coherence and sustainability, and is designed to have 3 residential events, a practice phase and an online support structure.

After a successful implementation of Long Term Training Course in 2015, ALLIANCE will host the second edition of the updated project in 2017 as well.
Long Term Training Course (LTTC) takes place during a longer period of time and consists of several educational activities. It aims to link several Alliance (training) events in order to foster the development of Alliance trainers who are able to facilitate preassigned priorities of the network and to address current needs of its members.

Generally LTTC aims to develop facilitators’ competences in design, implementation and evaluation of NFE activities in order to improve the quality of Alliance events on every level of the network by establishing high quality standards.

MAIN AIM: To sustain and upgrade with a thematic focus the NFE quality framework of members’ annual national trainings designed for international voluntary workcamps youth leaders, through the network’s biannual Long Term Training Course: Workcamps as methodological tools.

Thematic focus: inclusion, specifically gender equality & fight against sexism/gender-based discrimination in IVS, and inclusion of refugees in workcamps.

The project is supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

ELIX Seminar with the support of European Youth Foundation of CoE

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