Please read the terms of particiaption in a voluntary work programme (Workcamp) 

  1. In order to take part in a program, you must be older than 17 years old (except if it is a program for teenagers)
  2. Basic knowledge of the English metadata is essential (except if it is stated that knowledge of another metadata is necessary)
  3. Your contribution in the program is your offering of voluntary work for 6-7 hours daily, apart from Saturday and/or Sunday. You must be an active member of the group and contribute to the work and the main target. If there are any changes in the kind and program of work that had been agreed beforehand, you must show flexibility and follow the new program, except if that contradicts the philosophy of voluntary service.
  4. The CampLeaders are responsible for the coordination of the program, the organization of the economics, the supplies and the work. They are volunteers, just as you are.
  5. Concerning free time activities, it is essential that you cooperate with the rest of the team, so that you can take advantage of the free time creatively. Also, you are called to contribute and to follow the program, as that is defined from the organization which is hosting you, based on the team’s needs.
  6. You should always inform your camp leaders about any movement away from the group during free time.
  7. Staying overnight away from the accommodation of the team is not permitted.
  8. During the program, it is not allowed to host other people who don’t participate in the program and don’t belong to the team where the team is staying.
  9. The organization ELIX is not liable for whatever changes in the program, as long as they are made by the sending organization or by the local authority which hosts the program.
  10. Certain organizations pose certain special terms (for example smoking or drinking alcohol is prohibited at the place of the program), which you must respect and follow.
  11. In the el_gr programs, you are insured for illness and accident during work hours. The organization is not responsible for your safety during free time. Abroad, terms of insurance differ from country to country. In countries of the European Union, it is necessary that you have your European Security Card. For countries outside the European Union, you are responsible for your insurance, apart from Korea, Canada and the United States, in which you are already insured by the local organization.
  12. The participation fee at the voluntary work programs is 100€. For volunteers applying through Alliance Organizations there is only an extra fee of 30€. The fee is collected together with the application and covers part of the function and administrative costs of the sending organization. If you want to participate in more programs of voluntary work in the same year, the participation fee is 80€ for each extra program.
  13. Some special programs (educational, cultural, sport) have a different participation fee, about which you are informed before you sign the participation form.
  14. In certain programs abroad, it is mentioned in the description that the payment of an extra participation fee is required to the equivalent organization of the country. That fee will be paid to the receiving organization, usually on the date of your arrival, and is necessary for the support and implementation of the specific program.
  15. Accommodation and food expenses are covered by the hosting organization.
  16. You will have to undertake the trip expenses as well as the issuing of passport and visa, if necessary. Also, you will undertake the expenses during free time.
  17. The participation fee cannot be returned for no reason in case of cancellation of your participation.
  18. If there aren’t any free places in the programs of your choice, either the fee is returned to you or you are free to make more choices of programs.

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