PARTNER: This project is a follow-up in ELIX's involvement in this area of Greece, the site in which the spirit of the Olympic Games was born. ELIX has organized quite a number of projects around the renowned archaeological site since 2003, in cooperation with a local group, the "Cultural and Environmental Association of Ancient Olympia", recognizing the value of community service.


The aim of this particular project is the renovation and replanting of the garden around the Museum of Olympia's Antiquities. The garden was first created during the preparations preceding the Olympic Games of 2004, and all the plants and shrubs planted, have been indigenous plants that were already described in ancient texts!

WORK: The tasks involve clearing the area from unruly weeds and plants, preparing the soil for planting, repairing the irrigation pipes and finally planting the new lets do it olympia elix 2013 7plants. The work will be supervised and guided by botanologists and skilled technicians. Volunteers will work every day from 8:30 to 2:30, the only free day will be Sunday, 5th of March.

ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: The group of volunteers will stay in a local hotel in shared 3-bed rooms with shower etc.

LOCATION & LEISURE ACTIVITY: Ancient Olympia, the birth place of the Olympic Games, was one of the most important towns of Ancient Greece and, today, one of the most important archaeological sites around the globe. During their free time, participants will have the opportunity to get in touch with everyday life in Olympia but most of all, they will visit the ancient site of the birthplace of the Olympic Games and the Museum. Nature is superb in this area of Greece in springtime, participants can enjoy long walks in the surrounding hills.

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