This summer was really mine..It was a special summer, different from the others.

This summer I had the chance to participate in the ELIX’s program “This summer is ours”. Today is 30 of September and it’s true that I still remember everything..I have to say that this was one of my best life’s experiences.

The weird is that I was the only one that lives in Thessaloniki and participated in a volunteer project in Thessaloniki but I don’t regret about that..

In this program I had the chance to meet great people and make new friends that I still remember.. And of course I had the chance to meet children and youngsters not special, but unique. I remember everyone of them and I have only good memories. Of course there were difficulties but I really can’t forget something and I would like to share this experience with you.

There was a lady in the program with Down Syndrome, which name was Maria. Maria is a vivid person, happy and confident. I really felt very happy when I met her. She has many dreams and ambitions. One morning we had a discussion. She told me that she want to become a great singer. That was her big dream and she told me “Yes, I can do it, I’m sure about that.. Because I’m talented and I’m very beautiful”. She was so confident and so happy.. I can’t forget this happiness in her face.. The whole year I always heard the people to complain and be pessimists about everything and mainly to be unconfident about their hair, their weight, their appearance generally.. This morning it was the first time in my life that I felt blessed.. This woman gave me her message, that life is very beautiful and that we have to be confident and love ourselves.. Only when we will love ourselves, we will be truly loved!

Maybe it is something common and usual but for me was a great experience. I will remember this moment and this lady for a long time.. And I really want to thank her for her motivation and her positive energy.. I want also to thank you for this opportunity that you gave me.. This summer in Kordelio was a big lesson for me.. and after that I realized that I want to become a teacher in special education with all my heart!

Thank you for everything and keep doing such great projects!

Best regards,
Katerina Stergiou

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