Andros the island of beautiful beaches, fantastic landscapes, generous people and brilliant food. As I stepped off the ferry in Gavrio, I thought to myself “I 'm back to what I love doing best” that is spending weeks away in a foreign country living with people I don’t know and in different accommodation and interesting food while doing something interesting rather than being the typical tourist.


So 13 happy volunteer spent 17 days in Gavrio, Andros loving or hating Marmite, living with nature including crickets, mantis, beatles, millipeds, and lizards. We sang together, we danced together, the hugged together, we smiled together, we drank Ouzo together, we ate Bulgogi together, we swam in the night together, we discussed together, took trips in the pickup truck together, and sadly said our goodbye together.

So my workcamp all I can say is WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. Working on the footpaths of Andros or should I say the JUNGLE of Andros was interesting as we created paths so the local and hiking can walk along, through the work we found a variety of tree, plants, fruit and the lovely smell of herbs that are growing wild esp the mint.

We spent most of our free time at the beach either it be sunbathing, trying to swim, jumping off cliffs, getting sunburnt, laugh, sing, playing volleyball and chatting under the hot el_gr sun.WorkCamp @ Andros with ELIX

Some of the best highlights for me included a trip to a local tavern which for me was the best ever meal I 've tasted, why are Mediterranean counties so good at food. The best cheese I 've ever tasted, the best lamb I 've tasted and yes ok the best Chicken/Lambs testicles I’ve tasted. Another highlight was swimming in the sea at night watch shooting stars and seeing the Milky Way for the first time, one of the best memories of my life. Last the 12 other volunteers inspired me so much and made me laugh a lot and backup my view that workcamp bring together diverse people who from different background and culture who aim to do go for the world without the need of money.

If you want a great summer workcamp I recommend a workcamp with ELIX.

James Burns, UK – ELIX-01 Andros 1th July 2012 to 17th July 2012

WorkCamp @ Andros with ELIX WorkCamp @ Andros with ELIX

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