Πρόγραμμα Εθελοντικής Εργασίας στο Αζερμπαϊζάν 1-12/12/2012

WorkCamp με την ΕΛΙΞ στο ΑζερμαϊζάνΗ ΕΛΙΞ προτείνει ένα Πρόγραμμα Εθελοντικής Εργασίας - Workcamp “Your Chance”.

metadata: English/Russian.
AGE: 18-26
DATES: From 1 to 12 December 2012
PLACE: Ganja and Gabala, Azerbaijan
ORGANISER:  Bridge to the Future Youth Public Union
About Organization:  “Bridge to the Future” Youth Union (BF) is an independent national youth NGO established in April 2000. The strategic mission of the organization is to be a “BRIDGE” for young people to the society, where humanism, solidarity, and co-operation is leading. On 31st of May 2005, BF got official State Registration in Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan Republic.

Bridge to the Future Youth Union (Union) - is a national Non-Governmental Organization established in April 2000 by youth initiative. Union is a legal member of international youth organizations and networks such as Youth for Exchange and Understanding (YEU) and Human Rights for Education Youth Network, and its members are represented on their boards.  Our head office is located in Ganja, from which we coordinate our entire network of over 150 members and more than 60 volunteers from all parts of Azerbaijan involved in our activities. In the past, Union has cooperated with Germany, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and Turkey on an international level. Most of our local and international projects have been supported by the Council of Europe, USAID (through Counterpart International and Save the Children), and by other donor organisations. At the same time, Union is closely cooperating with the  national Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan, especially the Ministry of Youth and Sport and its local department, the Ganja Youth and Sport Head Office.  On more than one occasion, Union has been awarded for its significant role in development of the youth sector in Azerbaijan and Europe.
Bridge to the Future Youth Union’s Mission Statement: To assist the active participation of Azerbaijan’s youth, establishment of healthy civil society, and youth representation of our country on the international level.

PARTNER: This camp has got a financial support from Bridge to the Future YPU and The Ministry of Sport and Youth of Ganja city.

WORK: The first week the volunteers will work at office of the Bridge to the Future Youth Public Union. At the office the camp leaders will present the volunteers a short training course about Social Media. The volunteers will learn how to create a great Video Presentation. After training course everybody will go to another city. The city is called Gabala. There will be 20 local participant and volunteer from different country. The volunteers will create great video rolics about the Local Project and will help for organizing. After the camp the volunteers will return to Ganja and will give a report about the video rolics they have created.

Accommodation: The first five days with a host family and then three days in Hotel in Gabala city and spent four days with host family. Food: Food is provided by the Organizer.

LOCATION & LEISURE ACTIVITY: The city of Ganja is located at the foot of the Minor Caucasian Ridge, on the Gjandzhachaj River. During centuries-old history the city became the owner of numerous historical and architectural monuments with strongly pronounced Azerbaijan national color. Among the survived landmarks are Gei-Imam cult complex (14th – 17th centuries), Djuma mosque (17th century) and a variety of picturesque old houses, well-known stone sculptures of horses and other pets abundant in the neighboring mountains. The city takes pride in the fact that the greatest Azerbaijani poet Nizami Gyanjevi was born there. His mausoleum is the major tourist attraction. In free time: There will be some trips to other cities, some games, sightseeing.

metadata:  English/Russian
INSURANCE:  on the charge of the Bridge to the Future Youth Public Union
EXTRA Fee towards Bridge 2 the Future: € 125,00

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