Πρόταση από την ΕΛΙΞ για χειμερινό WorkCamp με θέμα την Τέχνη & την Αποκατάσταση στην Ταϊβάν

Πρόταση για workCamp από την ΕΛΙΞ στην ΤαϊβάνΤίτλος: VYA-Louyoung/13-01, let’s repair the House together
Τοποθεσία: YUNLIN COUNTY, Taiwan
Ημερομηνία: 20/01-02/02/2013
Θέμα: Art / Αποκατάσταση

Ευκαιρία για να προσφέρεις εθελοντiκά σε ένα WorkCamp με θέματα την Τέχνη και την Αποκατάσταση στην Ταϊβάν στα τέλη Ιανουαρίου.

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Διάβασε περισσότερα για το πρόγραμμα:
VYA-Louyoung/13-01, let’s repair the House together
Siluo Township of Yun-lin County, Taiwan; 20/1-2/2/2013; 14 days; 8Vols

In Yenping Old Street where have 142 elegant houses remain now. Most of them were built 80 years ago. At pass time, Yenping Street was town center, every shop was opening and busies. But now, most of houses are empty, and some are useless. The residents got away and Yenping Street becomes silence. People have no confidence therefore we are trying to promote the Siluo culture and traditional article to improve the life quality and self-respect here. We want to keep the street alive; it’s so classical and elegant.
We have done some repair work but still have a lot not yet. So we would like to invite international friends joining us.  It is not only voluntary work but also a good chance to experience Taiwan culture and a new life style.
Siluo workcamp is going to fix no.106 and no.81 house in Yenping Street, such as clean, painting wall and repair the floor are necessary. We will also set up a place for local cultural Workshop. The place will helpful to promote Siluo traditional cultural as well.

During the project, we also plan to make one Public Art. The volunteers will help the local artist to complete this challenge, and Master Shinn will teach volunteer how to do it.

Aim and Work:
A) To repair Heritage House No.106 and No.81. Volunteers will repair the windows, doors and floor of the house as well as color the house.
B) Making a public Art. Volunteers will learn how to do the public Art.

Study theme: The future plan of Old Street.
Accommodation: We will stay in Siluo International Volunteer House. The house is offered by Siluo township government, there are new place with comfortable beds, air conditioner, toilet (3 for male, 3 for female), hot shower (1 for male and 1 for female) and has a wide yard and beautiful view, too. Volunteer for sure will have a great time there, but life always has new challenge so we will use the kitchen in House No.81 which is the Siluo backpacker house and take break there instead of cooking in volunteer house. The backpacker house is just near by the working place. And the backpacker house is belongs to Rotary Club of Siluo. They are welcome you too. For their kindly, we need to keep good management, (to always keep clean, no smoking inside building, etc.)
By the way, we will use bike as main transportation tool during the project so make sure you have no problem with bike.
- We will cook by ourselves but still have opportunity to eat in the local restaurants or packed meals. 
- Internet can be available in Louyoung Foundation office,backpacker house and Volunteer House.
- There is no washing machine, so let’s enjoy washing clothes by hands.

Location: Siluo Township, a historical place in Yun-Lin County, located in the middle of Taiwan. 50 minutes to Taichung City by bus, 2.5-3.5 hrs by bus from Taipei City.

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