Η εμπειρία της Lorena Rojo από την Ισπανία, εθελόντριας στο ELIX11 - "Μαθήματα Αλληλεγγύης" στην Αθήνα - 2014:

I had never been in a voluntary workcamp like that and, after this amazing first experience I don’t know how to explain in a few phrases every second, every laugh, everything I learned there…

In my opinion, everyone should have his own "expectations list" before one important trip. My list included improve my English, meet new people, have a new professional experience-it was my first time working with children! – and of course visit the historic city of Athens.

We were 8 volunteers from Russia, Azerbaijan, Mexico, Germany, Estonia, Greece and Spain and we spent 15 days in a summer school in Chalandri Attikis, a suburb in the northern part of Athens.

Working with children is one of the most grateful and richest experiences one can live. They reminded me my childhood and they taught me the meaning of enjoy every second because they were never tired and they were always willing to learn new things from us. It was fantastic to see that most of the games were international but we had to play them in Greek! Even we were tired, kids always had a smile and, along with their energy, that was the best present of the day. I am sure all volunteers learned a lot of things during this summer school thanks to the children. I will never forget the faces of those tiny people…

The kids and the summer school was only a part of my experience in the workcamp. After school, we had lunch in Chatzikonsta Institution (where we were living) and every evening we enjoyed our free time. We visited famous places in Athens like Acropolis, Monastiraki Square, Plaka, Syntagma Square, Lycabetus, Piraeus, Exarchia, and… last but not least, we spent our weekend at the beach! I had the chance to spend time with friendly people from other countries, discover their cultures and be out of my comfort zone. I will always remember every moment: the funny games we were playing in the Institution, the water war, the long walks with frappé around Athens, the hottest bus ever, the sangria night… Definitely, I have left a piece of me in Athens and I feel I have a piece of my mates in my heart.

I can say my expectations were fulfilled very successfully. Like one kid more, I was laughing all the time because I was so happy there.


Therefore, I recommend that you do a workcamp at least once in your life. You only need to be open minded all the time you will spend and I am sure you will be another person after this experience.

Because as Nelson Mandela said: “There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”


Lorena Rojo ELIX11 21 June-5 July 2014


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