Live your dream in Ostbevern.

10 volunteers, 9 parties , 8 different nationalities, 7 new tastes in food , 6 indoors activities, 5 star accommodation, 4 excursions, 3 weeks, 2 leaders, 1 unique experience… And my first workcamp was completed! I still remember all these stuff so intensively, seems like everything happened just yesterday…

I don’t know where to start. I have so many things to say, I felt and I faced a such incredible experience that makes it difficult for me to just say "yes, it was cool". I can tell stories for ever… So, let’s start!

2nd of July, Saturday. When I first stepped out of the airplane in Düsseldorf airport I was thrilled. My trip was in progress. However, I had to face for the first time the German reality. I speak some german and that made it a bit easier. I had to change two trains and one bus so my eyes were widely open for information post. One event that I remember is that at the train station from Münster to Ostbevern I was looking at the information sheet from the organization and suddenly, one girl came to me and asked me "Are you going to the workcamp as well?". This was the start of a very strong friendship.

The youth club in which we were staying was actually good. Billiard, many table games, big screen for movies and a big sign "Willkommen"! Everything was comfortable and everybody seemed so easy-going. Firstly, we shared the responsibilities for house work and cooking.

Later, we played some games to get to know each other. So we broke the ice. Afterwards, our main topic in conversation was to organize our free week and we planned some trips, for example to Munster, Dortmund and even to the Netherlands! Furthermore, we met the mayor of the village, we gave some little interviews and next day, we saw ourselves in the local newspaper! I can say, we all felt a little bit famous.

They days were passing by and the time had come: the volunteering should start! We met the boss and the local volunteers, he explained us everything and we were ready to dedicate ourselves to work. The reason I chose this workcamp was that the work contains communication and playing with children. At the beginning it seemed quite tough to understand completely the language. Nevertheless, we managed to create a very strong bond with the children and we reached to a point of playing without using any words! I could never imagine how many things can a child say and feel without using any words.

Very briefly, the time was moving like this, including work in the morning and party in the evening. I will never forget all these people that I met. So different civilizations but so many things in common. The best thing is that I cannot name anything wrong or negative about the workcamp. Even the small daily problems (cleaning the kitchen were faced very productively.

For my part, this experience was undoubtedly one of the best trips I have ever done. The workcamp was not 3 weeks in my life. It was my whole life in 3 weeks!

I reached there with a baggage full of clothes and bed sheets and I left with a baggage full of memories, stories to tell and "supplies" for the future. I firmly recommend this chance to everybody. It’s something very meaningful and innovative for the free time. I could advice future participants to take the initiative and try it! Think about what seems more appealing to you, search for specific dates and participate!

The most useful tip is to be very well prepared and entirely informed. Oh, and take a look at the weather as well! Last but not least, the best thing in volunteering services is that you "give" something but you take back 100% of it. The happiness of offering help is always priceless.

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