Ένας μήνας απομένει έως τα μέσα Μαρτίου όπου η Μηχανή Αναζήτησης της ΕΛΙΞ θα ενσωματώσει τα φετινά καλοκαιρινά προγράμματα.

Για τις/τους ανυπόμονες/ους όμως, αυτή την εβδομάδα διαλέξαμε 11 μοναδικές προτάσεις για την περίοδο της Άνοιξης.

Φεστιβάλ, κοινωνικά, περιβαλλοντικά και ανακαινίσεις είναι μερικές από τις θεματολογίες τους, διαλέξτε αυτό που σας ταιριάζει περισσότερο.

1. LUNAR 01, AGAPE 1, MANU, 17/04/19 - 24/04/19, 18-99.
2. LUNAR 04, AGAPE 2, MANU, 01/06/19 - 22/06/19, 18-99.
The project AGAPE, running on different dates from April to June 2019, will give you the opportunity to share an intense community spirit in beautiful natural surroundings. You will be in Prali, a small village of 300 inhabitants in the Italian Alps, 70km away from Turin. You will support local volunteers in managing the Agape International Ecumenical Centre, an international place built after the Second World War as a sign of hope and reconciliation between people, and an important point of reference for Italian Protestantism. Volunteers will help in the following areas: kitchen, meal service (tables and dishes), cleaning, maintenance, bartending, babysitting. Games, discussions and trips will be organized during free time.

The whole month of May is going to be a magical one! You can participate in one, or in both, international theatre projects for young people in Sicily, the stunning island in the South of Italy. The idea is to manage the International Festival of Classical Theater for Young People which has been regularly performed for 25 years in Palazzolo, a UNESCO heritage site, at the Ancient Greek Theater of Akrai. The purpose is to support the management of the festival and the 80 schools that will participate in the festival. The aim of the workcamp is to coordinate the whole event only with a young and motivated group of people who will have the opportunity to interact with more than 1600 actors/young people from all over the world.

5. LUNAR 05, INCLUSIVE CAMP, DISA MANU, 09/06/19 - 20/06/19, 21-99, EXTRA FEE 20€.
In this nice social project located in the town Monterotondo, half an hour train from Rome, volunteers will create a polyfunctional wall made of recycled materials in a social cooperative whose target group consists of young people with disabilities.

6. ANEC02, SOLIDARITY GARDENS, ENVI SOCI, 14/06/19 - 28/06/19, 17-99.
Solidarity Garden is an inclusion project for people who are facing social difficulties. The workcamp will be an opportunity for you to work together and take part in this human adventure, while getting to know an organization which leads actions about environmental education for youth.

7. JAVVAVS19-01, FESTIVAL JAMIN JETTE, FEST, 14/05/19 - 20/05/19, 18-99.
In this beautiful festival project, volunteers will help on several aspects of the festival logistics. Jam’in Jette is an eco-friendly world music festival with bands from across the world, playing various style of music, against a backdrop of artistic activity (open stages, creative workshops) for all ages. This festival aims to promote sustainable economy, ecological and social development.

8. JAVVA19-01, RED CROSS CENTRE FOR ASYLUM SEEKERS OF YVOIR, REFU, 08/04/19 - 22/04/19, 18-99
Volunteers will help decorate and beautify the inside and the surroundings of the centre for asylum seekers of Yvoir, a part of the Red Cross network of reception centres in Belgium. Residents come from Palestine, Afghanistan, Irak, Syria. Volunteers should have a specific interest in migration and working with asylum seekers. Knowledge and/or will to facilitate activities with the residents are very much welcome.

9. JAVVA19-02, SPECIAL OLYMPICS BELGIUM, DISA FEST, 24/05/19 - 04/06/19, 18-99.
Created by Eunice Kennedy Shriver in 1968, "Special Olympics" aim to providing year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. More than just a physical and sport training, these activities enhance the social development of the athletes. For this 40th edition of the Belgian National Games, volunteers will help on several aspects of the event logistics, while working with several teams of the organization before and after the Games. 

10. JAVVA19-03, CLERHEID SCHOOL, RENO ENVI KIDS, 09/06/19 - 22/06/19, 18-99.
In this really nice project you will be in touch with children, nature and animals. If you are not afraid of outdoor work in an isolated place, in the middle of nature, this workcamp is for you! You will Clerheid’s team to support them in organizing their camps for kids, while helping them to take care of their lovely domain.

11. JAVVA19-04, LA CITE S’INVENTE, RENO ENVI, 13/06/19 - 26/06/19, 18-99.
La CITE s’invente is a non-profit educational organization for sustainable development. Its mission is to raise awareness about environmental issues and to promote sustainable ways of life. The main objective of the organization is to build and design an eco-centre for pedagogical purposes in the hillside (coteaux) of the Citadel of Liege. The aim of this project, located in Liege, is to help improving the outdoor and indoor facilities of the eco-centre and support the organisation of a festival.

Μην ξεχάσετε να ρίξετε και μια ματιά στην λίστα με τις προτάσεις μας από την προηγούμενη εβδομάδα καθώς και εκεί υπάρχουν διαθέσιμες θέσεις σε ανοιξιάτικα εθελοντικήα προγράμματα.

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