Ενώ τα μέσα Μαρτίου η μεγάλη στιγμή για τα καλοκαιρινά προγράμματα εθελοντικής εργασίας πλησιάζει...αυτή την εβδομάδα ετοιμάσαμε για εσάς 8 προτάσεις εθελοντισμού για τους μήνες της Άνοιξης σε Βέλγιο, Γαλλία και Γερμανία.

Τα θέματα που επιλέξαμε είναι πραγματικά μοναδικα, κοινωνικά, φεστιβάλ, πολιτιστικά αλλά και περιβαλλοντικά, από την Βαλτική έως τον Μέλανα Δρυμό και από εκεί στις πεδιάδες του Μπορντώ

1. CBB01, CENTRE "COULEURS DU MONDE", SOCI ART REFU, 06/04/19 - 20/04/19, 18-99.
Centre Couleurs du Monde is a reception centre for asylum seekers managed by Belgian Red Cross. Located in Rendeux, a countryside village that lies in the country's Walloon Region, it hosts up to 200 people who have asked for asylum in Belgium. Their stay in the centre is temporary and lasts until a decision is taken regarding a possible refugee status. The centre provides such services as accommodation, food, medical and social counselling, schooling and educational courses, cultural, sport events etc. One of the highlights is that the centre is open to the world, by promoting international exchanges with volunteers from all over the world. This workcamp is the opportunity for you to organize leisure activities for refugee children and to help create and organize a final artistic exhibition.

2. ANEC01, PLEIN LA BOBINE SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, FEST ART, 25/05/19 - 10/06/19, 18-99.
If you speak some French and would like to be a volunteer in a film festival, if you are passionate about cinema or movie production or you simply feel like discovering something new, do not miss this opportunity! Plein la Bobine short film Festival is a yearly cultural event dedicated to young audience and this year it is at its 17th edition. The volunteers will help to run the festival in all its phases, and will immerse themselves in the life of the festival, together with a group of local volunteers and the international team of volunteers.

3. SJ12, FREE MUSIC FESTIVAL, CULT, 11/06/19 - 28/06/19, 18-90.
Montendre is a lovely village in the south-west of France, located in Charente-Maritime. In 2001, the municipality created the FREE Music Festival, an artistic event with contemporary music. This festival is a source of development and local dynamism which contributes to the highlight of the municipality of Montendre and his rural territories. This year it will be the 19th edition of the Festival which will be located in an unusual landscape, the Montendre Lake. Volunteers will take care of the preparation and setting of the festival and accommodations (camp, food area/rest area/volunteers, etc.). They will arrange the park and will make it more attractive; welcome the public and help volunteers for the event’s logistic. During the festival, you will organize exchanges between festival-goers and volunteers in the rest area and the camp, where activities for youngsters and adults will be proposed, and you will be busy with many other tasks.

4. CONCF-001, FARGUES UFCV 1 - LANDSCAPING & NATURAL HERITAGE, ENVI CONS, 28/03/19 - 11/04/19, 17-99.
The UFCV leisure center is located in the beautiful Frayse estate, a former wine estate of 24 hectares in which you can find sports areas, an educational farm, and an intergenerational garden plot. This lovely project is about landscaping and preserving the natural heritage of the Frayse estate, a stunning environment ideally located, close to Bordeaux and not far from the ocean. You will help in the renovation of the walking trails; participate in the building of natural wooden barriers and in the creation of common spaces in the park. You will also learn how to build outdoor furniture, by creating welcoming spaces.

5. SJ01, LET S DISCOVER THE AIX ISLAND HERITAGE, RENO CULT, 06/04/19 - 27/04/19, 18-90.
Do you fancy the idea of being a volunteer in a small pedestrian island located in the North Atlantic Ocean? Then have a look at this project! You will work on the restoration of the large west stone shooting site which faces the Fort LiEdot. Work will consist in de-vegetating the site, in order to start traditional masonry work on rubble walls; replacing the stones, and other renovation activities.

6. IBG 05, BLACK FOREST VILLAGE GRAFENHAUSEN, RENO, 04/06/19 - 18/06/19, 18-99.
Do you fancy the idea of living two calming weeks in the Black Forest and far away from big city life? If your answer is yes, then have a look at this project where you will stay in the lovely village Grafenhausen, at about 1.000 meters altitude where you will refurbish the local elementary school, together with an international team of volunteers. You will get to know local culture through a non-touristic experience, you will have fun and make new friends, while helping a small community.

7. ijgd 19236, SPRING CLEANING CLOSE TO THE BEAUTIFUL BALTIC SEA, RENO, 06/04/19 - 20/04/19, 16-26, Extra Fee 50 Euro.
If you like renovation work and you would like to see the Baltic sea, have a look at this project, located on a children and youth camp site. Here you will perform a lot of tasks, such as supporting the employees at the campsite with preparatory tasks for the upcoming holiday season, as well as preparing the huge outdoor area through activities including laying down a barefoot path, repairing bicycles and setting up tents, among others.

8. ijgd 19207, EASTER IN THE SCHAUMBURG REGION, ENVI, 14/04/19 - 27/04/19, 16-26, Extra Fee 50 Euro.
The Schaumburg Youth, Leisure and Education Centre would like to have your help with laying down an ecological path on their large outdoor grounds, as a walking route with seating space in certain areas and many places where people can relax. Many of the necessary materials are natural items that can be taken from local surroundings, such as sandstone and woodchips. The Centre is run by the district of Schaumburg together with the District Forestry Office, which are also responsible for the educational establishment. This will give you many opportunities to learn about forest ecology and local fauna and flora and to discover Obernkirchen, the only mountain town in Lower Saxony.

Αααααα!!! και μην ξεχνάτε, ακόμη μερικές θέσεις σε ανοιξιάτικα εθελοντικά προγράμματα στη Γερμανία είναι διαθέσιμες στα προγράμματα που θα βρείτε πατώντας εδώ!!!!

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