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The project is supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (, one of the world's leading socially active organizations, making grants in the areas of arts and culture, education, health and medicine, and social welfare. The Foundation funds organizations and projects that exhibit strong leadership, sound management and are expected to achieve a broad, lasting and positive social impact.

In the framework of the project "Lessons of Solidarity", ELIX cooperates with the Hellenic Society for Disabled Children (ELEPAP) which provides rehabilitation services to children since 1937. ELEPAP cares for the functional rehabilitation of children with physical disabilities and developmental difficulties such as neuromuscular diseases, syndromes with accompanying motor disabilities, cerebral dysfunction etc. and at the same time provides support to their families.


ELEPAP offers a series of holistic intervention programs for infants, pre-school and school age children with motor and developmental difficulties in order to help them develop their functionality, independence, speech and communication, cognitive abilities, emotional and psychosocial
adjustment, learning skills, education and social integration.


The MTV-programme aims to form a group of 6-8 volunteers in order to support and enhance the specialised care provided to some 400 children up to 6 years old that visit the centre on a daily basis. This active group of 6 volunteers will support the staff and the children in their daily therapy activities.


The 6 volunteers will be involved in the following activities under the guidance of ELEPAP professional staff:

1. Support the work of educators at the Department of Early Education and Therapeutic Intervention.
2. Escort/Transfer the children (on wheelchairs) from the Department of Early Education and Therapeutic Intervention to the Departments of specialized treatments (under the guidance of the staff).
3. Support the staff in the daily routine of the children (serving food in the dining room, collecting the dishes afterwards, tidying up classrooms etc.)
4. Help the children during the arrival and departure time at the therapeutic treatments.
5. Provide organizational/secretarial support to the Departments of specialized treatments.
6. Help in the kitchen department (cooking and serving for the children)
7. When needed contribute to the process of learning and creative activities of the children (e.g.: helping them learn how to dress themselves, put their shoes on, as well as painting, doing crafts, ergo therapy and speech therapy activities, etc.).


Volunteers will be working from Monday until Friday from 9.00 until 16.00, having the weekends off.
On special occasions and events of the Centre (fundraising bazaars, etc.) as well as during the holidays volunteers may be asked to work different hours.


The six volunteers will be lodged in a 140 square meters fully equipped apartment in downtown Athens provided to ELIX by ELEPAP. Two meals are provided by ELEPAP every day for the volunteers within ELEPAP facilities.

The Hellenic Society for Disabled Children-ELEPAP is situated in the area of Pagrati, a district that is part of the Municipality of Athens, about 1.5 km from Athens centre. There is a variety of transportation connecting Athens downtown to Pagrati (buses and trolleys). Pagrati is a central area of Athens with cafes, cinemas and many places around to visit in their free time such as the National Art Gallery, Kallimarmaro Panathinaiko Stadium etc.

"Solidarity Lessons" a progect of ELIX to support social institutions


The duration of this MTV program is 3 months (from 01/02/14 until 02/05/14).
This is a wonderful and special project that is of much importance. Helping small children with disabilities to reach their potential and following their routine constitutes a life experience but can also be a challenge. Volunteers will return from the volunteer project knowing that they helped make children's daily life better and brighter and that volunteers made friendships for a lifetime. The meaning of such volunteer work for the children, their families and the professional staff of ELEPAP is invaluable. It is important for the volunteers to know that they will work together with the staff of ELEPAP.


Volunteers should be committed, patient and resistant to psychological stress, eager to help with smile, love and creative proposals. Previous experience with disabled children is not mandatory; however, special training on logo therapy, ergo therapy and physiotherapy for disabled children is highly desirable and will be given priority. Working language is English (Greek knowledge is welcome).


The volunteers must provide transportation and health insurance. Volunteers from the EU are advised also to bring their EHIC card. Volunteers are entitled to two working days holiday per month as long as it is at a convenient time agreed with the Program coordinator.
Interested volunteers will have to fill in special application form provided by ELIX.ELIX MTV05 at ELEPAP in AthensA Skype talk between the volunteer and ELIX will take place before the final selection.
Upon selection volunteers have to provide a Certificate of Good Conduct.


There will be an introduction - training session during the first week with the mentor and the person responsible from ELEPAP.


Every Volunteer has regular supervision from the mentor by ELIX. The Volunteer will be met on arrival at the project and will spend most of their first week getting to know the everyday life ELEPAP. The mentor is going to talk regularly with volunteers about how they are getting on and discuss any problems, ideas or queries they may have as well as visit the apartment where volunteers will be accommodated.


The volunteer must be mature and motivation driven, an excellent communicator, flexible and completely reliable. The volunteer must be interested in people and have the confidence and ability to develop relationships with a wide range of people. Willingness to work with children with disabilities is essential as well as being cheerful and friendly.
Good English language skills are also very important. The volunteer also needs to be able to inspire confidence and trust in the people he/she is working with. In addition, the Volunteer will need to be self reliant, independent and be able to amuse him/herself.
Volunteers should be aware that the use of illegal drugs or excessive alcohol consumption whilst on the placement could affect his/her participation to the program and in this situation volunteers would be asked to leave the program. Volunteers who do not smoke will be given priority.


ATH Athens international airport "El. Venizelos"


Hellenic Society for Disabled Children-(ELEPAP), Pangrati, Athens, Attica, Greece.


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