Εθελοντικά προγράμματα στην Ιαπωνία, το Νεπάλ και το Βιετνάμ για το Φθινόπωρο και τον Χειμώνα έχουμε περιλάβει στις προτάσεις μας για αυτή την εβδομάδα.

Οι προορισμοί αυτοί είναι μοναδικοί και οι εμπειρίες που θα ζήσουν οι εθελοντές θα τους συντροφεύουν για όλη τους την ζωή.


1. NICE-18-10141, YUMEFUKURO 6 (KUMAMOTO), ENVI, 14/10/18 - 27/10/18, 18-99.
2. NICE-18-10281, YUMEFUKURO 7 (KUMAMOTO), ENVI, 28/10/18 - 10/11/18, 18-99.
3. NICE-18-11111, YUMEFUKURO 8 (KUMAMOTO), ENVI, 11/11/18 - 20/11/18, 18-99.

The lovely project “Yumefukuro” is a part of the SCC (Stop Climate Change) project organized with NAP (Nobel Application of Plant resources) since 2016. Volunteers will do environmental work in the South West in Kyushu island.

NAP is a local NPO which aims to recover natural ecosystem cycles by promoting the regeneration and rebirth of land and amp; sea, and forests. Volunteers will work for trimming bamboo trees that can increase the whole amount of fix carbon in the forest; and for making bamboo charcoal from ones cut in the work, to be used as fuel instead of oil as carbon offset project. There will be the possibility to do other activities, such as harvesting paper mulberry trees, citrus fruits, onions, helping to run marine environmental education for middle school students and ocean life investigation (incl. scuba diving).

4. NICE-18-10171, MAKI 2, MANU AGRI, 17/10/18 - 28/10/18, 18-99.

This workcamp has been organized with Kyodo Gakusha since 2000, a cooperative community where people with various backgrounds, who are tired of city life and want to learn farming and to live in nature, have 5 communities in Tokyo, Nagano and Hokkaido and grow animals and vegetables in ecological and organic way. Maki Farm has about 10 members (including 2 families with small children) and is located in a very isolated area which in the 1970s was an abandoned village and today has been revived by the community. A popular documentary film for this place was broadcasted in 2015, in order to know more, go to Volunteers will help their organic farm with various activities.

5. NICE-18-10291, MIMA (TOKUSHIMA), AGRI, 29/10/18 - 04/11/18, 18-99.
In this project volunteers will discover another way of production and will help a local community in their very traditional agricultural work. "Yamanto no Sato" was renovated into a community center from an old wooden elementary school located between this region and Kagawa prefecture. Yamanto people live everyday with their experiences and knowledge by communicating with and utilizing nature.

6. VINWC18-22, SPORTS WITH CHILDREN, KIDS CULT SPOR, 11/11/18 - 23/11/18, 18-70, Extra Fee 200 euro.
If you are passionate about sports and working with children, have a look at this dynamic project which aims at teaching children any sports and at developing their basic skills, while enabling them to create friendships, do teamwork and have benefits for social interaction. This experience will help us to build children’s positive self- esteem and to increase their feelings of physical and mental well-being. You will teach/coach different sports (football, volleyball, basketball, badminton or any other) both to children and teachers; and you will organize and conduct interschool sports events (indoor and outdoor) together with local staff.

7. VINWC18-23, AGRO/ECO FARM, ENVI MANU AGRI, 09/12/18 - 20/12/18, 18-70, Extra Fee 200 euro.
In Nepal agriculture is the main source of people’s income. However, farmers are unaware about modern technology and multiple farms. Many local young people decide to migrate to other countries for labour, since there is a high unemployment rate among youth in the country. The main aim of this project is to provide young locals and women with the opportunity to get involved into the project and to enhance their entrepreneurship skills on agriculture of VIN’s working community. Furthermore, the project will support local farmers in day to day activities in their farm. Join this project, help a local community in need and live a unique life experience!

8. VINWC19-01, CHILDREN WINTER CAMP, KIDS EDU CULT, 06/01/19 - 18/01/19, 18-70, Extra Fee 200 euro.
9. VINWC19-02, CHILDREN WINTER CAMP, KIDS EDU CULT, 20/01/19 - 31/01/19, 18-70 Extra Fee 200 euro.

Children’s Development is one of the major programs at VIN’s Integrated Community Development Approach. The Goal of the Children’s development program is to protect the rights of all children by providing them with access to basic quality education, by developing their life skills (creativity, leadership etc.) and by providing access to health and hygiene services. In the beautiful project “Children Winter Camp” volunteers will conduct a children camp to promote their innate talents and creativity for their overall physical, mental, social, and emotional development. During the workcamp volunteers will prepare sessions and will take classes on the following topics: physical exercises, team building, drawing, coloring and painting, art, craft and origami, singing and dancing, drama, music, hiking, teaching languages and so on.

10. SJV1820, WARM CHRISTMAS FOR DISADVANTAGED CHILDREN, SOCI KIDS FEST ART, 18/12/18 - 25/12/18, 18-99, Extra Fee around 186 euro (5000000 Vietnamese dong).
Volunteers will carry out performances, decoration, games, drawing, gifts and fundraising for disadvantaged children (orphans, disabled, intellectual, hospital patients, the homeless and the poor.)

11. SJV1821, TRADITIONAL NEW YEAR FOR POOR CHILDREN, SOCI KIDS FEST, 28/01/19 - 04/02/19, 18-99, Extra Fee around 186 euro (5000000 Vietnamese dong).

Volunteers will carry out performances, decoration, games, drawing, gifts and fundraising for disadvantaged children (orphans, disabled, intellectual, hospital patients, the homeless and the poor.)

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