Αυτή την εβδομάδας έχουμε ετοιμάσει κάποιες προτάσεις για εσάς που αφορούν προγράμματα σε χώρες της Ευρώπης, όπως η Ελβετία, η Ιταλία, η Γερμανία, η Ρωσία, η Αγγλία, η Εσθνία και η Γαλλία.

Τα 7 αφορούν 15ήμερα προγράμματα, ενώ 2 από αυτά είναι μέσης και μεγάλης διάρκειας και ένα ακόμη στο οποίο μπορεί να συμμετέχει όλη η οικογένεια.


Οι θεματολογίες ποικίλουν και είναι πολύ ενδιαφέρουσες.


1) WS18LI08, AUTUMN CAMP, KIDS MANU, 13/10/18 - 27/10/18, 18-99.
If you love cooking and you enjoy organizing creative and fun activities for teenagers, have a look at this workcamp which will take place in Liddes, a beautiful Alpine village on the border between Switzerland and the Italian region of Val d’Aosta, 20 minutes from Martigny. You will have the opportunity to support the organizers of a language camp for teenagers, by cooking for big groups among other tasks, and to meet a great team of Swiss and international volunteers!


2) ΙG 18-12, ITALY FARM STAY, MANU AGRI, 25/10/18 - 10/11/18, 18-35.
This project is for people who are keen on walking in nature, learning about and practicing, eco-farming, agriculture, and farming lifestyle. If you recognize yourself in this description, read more about this workcamp located in the beautiful village of Pescosolido, on the edge of the National Park of Abruzzo, between Rome and Naples, one of the most stunning natural parks of Italy.


3) VJF 5.2, SCHNEEBERG 2, RENO ENVI, 05/11/18 - 16/11/18, 18-26.
If you join this project you will live and work in "KiEZ Am Filzteich”, a recreation centre for children and teenagers situated at the shore of the Lake Am Filzteich, in the mountains of the picturesque Erzgebirge, in the south of Germany where the closest city is Schneeberg. Together with a team of international volunteers, you will improve the grounds of the centre, by performing various tasks in construction, gardening, maintenance and renovation works.

4) PRO-NF10, MARBURG-MARBACH, ENVI LANG, 22/12/18 - 05/01/19, 18-26, Extra Fee 160 euro.
This language project will give you the opportunity to practice your German for your whole stay and to follow German lectures with native speakers! While learning the language, you will also volunteer by working in the forest! The workcamp is located approximately two km from Marburg, a historical and picturesque old university town.


5) RU-SOD 7.2, LANGUAGE FOR SUCCESS, KIDS LANG, 02/01/19 - 09/01/19, 17-60, Extra Fee 15 euro.

6) RU-SOD 7.1, WE ARE DIFFERENT BUT WE ARE TOGETHER, KIDS, 02/01/19 - 09/01/19, 17-60, Extra Fee 15 euro.
If you have some experience in working with kids and you are not worried by Russian winter, have a look at the following projects, located in Cheboksary, a city on Volga river. You will implement intercultural and educational workshops and you will teach foreign languages to local kids aged 8 to 16 years old, by playing games, singing songs or through discussions. You will also have the opportunity to organize some sport activities, strategic games, shows and handicrafts.


7) VAP UK-08, DULWICH CHRISTMAS WORKCAMP, ENVI, 08/12/18 - 18/12/18, 18-28, Extra Fee 130 British Pounds.
If you participate in this workcamp, you will spend 10 days in South London, but it won’t feel as if you are in a city: volunteers will stay at a Scout Centre in the midst of woodland with no houses in sight! Indeed, Dulwich is a pleasant, quiet corner of London. Together with other international volunteers, you will work on different environmental projects in various beautiful parks, such as Dulwich Park and Belair Park. You can read Sofia’s experience, who went to a similar project in 2015!


The two following projects are medium and long term, you might be interested in case you want to spend a few months abroad. For both projects the minimum stay is 2 months.

8) EST MTV 10, LANGUAGE SCHOOL IN DOWN TOWN, MTV (mid_term), KIDS, 21/10/18 - 22/12/18, 20-30, Extra Fee 150 euro.
In this interesting project you will support the NGO Language School “In Down-Town” where you will participate in a variety of interesting activities aimed at enhancing kids’ linguistic skills and at helping the school in implementing and organizing its several activities (workshops, discussions, informal study visits,etc.) You will live in Tallinn, the exciting capital of Estonia.

9) EST MTV 09 ALLIKSAARE FARM, ENVI, 22/10/18 - 22/12/18, 18-99, Extra Fee 150 euro.
In this meaningful project you will contribute to the work of a local NGO which cooperates with Alliksaare Farm, an organic farm which promotes sustainable lifestyle. In addition to agricultural activities, Alliksaare Farm has another important task, since they take care of coastal meadows which are international birds’ migration area under protection. Among various tasks, volunteers will take care of the pastures located by the sea; prepare food for cows for winter time; and take care of horses, if they wish to do so.
If you join this workcamp you will live in a unique place, the second biggest island of Estonia, Hiiumaa.


10) SJ/FAM80, THE AUTUMNAL GARDEN, Family Camp, ENVI CULT, 20/10/18 - 27/10/18, 5-90, Extra Fee 100 euro.
This is a very special workcamp, since you will have the chance to participate with your beloved ones. The project is indeed a family project where you will meet other international volunteers, among them a French family really motivated to meet families from all over the world and to contribute to the project. You will participate in all the activities of the environmental centre and especially in the vegetable garden, and you will meet local population and volunteers in Montendre, Charente-Maritime. The aim of this project is to learn about sustainable development and to live a unique experience of intercultural exchange.  


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